At Shootstraight workshops  a group of up to 10 members of a community assemble, and, without a theme, and through a process of unlocking each others imaginations, develop characters and stories for short films.


Some of London’s hardest to reach and most vulnerable creative young people have found a platform for their voices and a safe place to develop their talent on  Shootstraight projects.


As well as working with local communities and schools Shootstraight has successfully reached young people who are NEET, have been excluded from school, are homeless, who grew up in care, or who are in the criminal justice system .


Shootstraight projects engage people of any age, although participants are predominantly under 25. Young people tell us how much more confident participation in our workshops and films has made them feel, many of them having moved on to full time or higher education or employment despite challenging circumstances.


Audiences at our screenings agree on the strong impact of the voices and stories,  and the high quality of the work.





"I can say without exaggeration that the results have been astonishing. The children become fascinated by and involved in the activity. The exclusion of such children is idiotic because they are the kind of people who go into the film industry."

Lord Falkland, Hansard HL 2 April 2014 col 998




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